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05 August 2009 @ 03:07 am
challenge 17  
This week's cap challenge is Sorcerer's Stone. Here are a the few pictures that I've found but if you know of any more then you are free to use them.

This week's theme is GRYFFINDOR. Use whatever images you want, as long as Ron and Hermione are wearing something symbolizing that they are in Gryffindor.

Rules for this challenge:
- due 10 pm on , Sunday, August 9th(EDT)
- you can enter up to eight (8) icons <4-caps and 4-theme>
- must be a member to participate
- must be within the LJ limit
- animation is allowed
- blending is allowed
- icons must be new, and never been seen/used before
- brushes, gradients, textures, texts, etc may be used
- stock images to enhance is fine, but should not draw the main focus away

Submit your entries to this challenge post as a comment, and include the image and URL.


If there are any questions for this challenge, please leave a comment to this post in a comment separate from your entries so that I can unscreen it.

Caps Entries: 10
Theme Entries: 08
Participants: 05
Current Mood: amused